Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dissolving Earth's Solutions

Economics and politics are the only things blocking us from overcoming our current social and ecological crisis.  All of the tools needed to move forward exist and have been proven viable. Mushrooms that clean oil spills, small human made ecosystems that clean up polluted rivers and lakes, new creation myths grounded in science that break down the illusory barriers we've created between us and our super-duper-natural origins. Learn more at  

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Analog Technology Most Advanced

In an event that will most likely lead to deepening interpersonal awareness and increased potential human harmonic interaction, the infamous Taurus Pedals, transported through time, have fallen into our possession. We have reason to believe that analog technology from a distant future was sent back in time to the 1970's by a far superior race of people, communicating directly to Robert Moog, the creator of the first generation of usable analog synthesizers, used initially in songs such as the Beetles "Here Comes The Sun".

We also have sufficient evidence revealing that the Taurus Pedal is an actual Electronic Being with a will and intention as it's own, an idea held by the early pioneers of electronic music as well as the creators of the first synthesizers, including Telharmonium's inventor, Thaddeus Cahill. We, therefor, have named the Taurus Pedals the fourth Part of Parts For People. Fans and members respect the Taurus Pedals as so, referring to the instrument as "Eminent Electric".

Furthermore, it has been stated by current Taurus Engineer and Parts For People bassist, Tim Frick, that "If it wasn't for the Taurus Pedals I wouldn't be making music with Ben and Don. I took a break to pursue my woodwork and career as a Luthier, when the Pedals came into my life. They invigorated me, compelling me make pristine exotic rock capable of filling and transcending Time and Space."

It should be noted that analog technologies surpass their digital counterparts in the completeness of their waveforms and effect on the human cellular/energetic field, making the the original synthesizers the most advanced in healing music technology on the market to date.   

Friday, June 26, 2009

The End, The Beginning

Woah... How do you spell woah? Not wow, but woah. Where does that word come from? We'll research. Ok, just researched. It's whoa! Had a sweet show with Hanni El Khatib at Amnesia. As we expected he made panties melt.

His voice was amazing, he rocked out hard, but kept the 50's style romantic feel. Lyrics told comedic, yet sometimes violent, tales about living in the dirty city and dating dirty women. But as we said, it was still romantic. The girls we invited to see Parts For People stoked the fires of our rock and roll jealousy as they fawned over the cool cat.  The rest of the crowd consisted of mainly skate rats, or hiply dressed skate marmots rather, as Hanni is a fashion designer in the skateboarding universe. They bobbed heads and howled like animals as their man dominated the stage. 

Boys IV Men topped off the evening with crazy instrumental electronic disco punk. French girls danced, an amazing electric light show blazed, and we ended the night dancing to Michael Jackson, with my favorite song PYT, playing three times. Goddess bless his soul. This marks the end of an era that I am sure foretells a new stage in the natural and supernatural evolution of our species.    

Thursday, May 7, 2009

BYOB "Bring Your Own Bathrobe" Saturday June 6th

We are planning the shower-wear event of the century at Kaleidoscope, a new music venue right next door to the world famous Philz Coffee on 24th and Folsom (in da Mission). 

This rock and roll show will include Campo Bravo, Mark Matos' current incarnation. You'll definitely be hearing more about these guys, who have an awesome promo team including folks who are currently working with Lou Reed. Mark is releasing his new album this fall on Brave Scarecrow Records.

In addition, Lance Burden will be joining us-

"Their sound, often random and unexpected, plays homage to the great pop, rock and Jazz greats of second half of the 20th Century. Thrown into the mix is a love for Latin grooves and pure noise stress relief – playing music should always be an outlet. Always keeping a keen voice for the macabre the girls call to Cthulhu and similar monsters both real and imaginary."
If you don't like music you might be retarded. But even so, you'll enjoy the Bathrobe Fashion Show, featuring super-models you've never even heard of!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sneak Preview of New EP "The Platinum Demo"

Check out the new track Super Power! You may have heard the song before, now embrace its new embodied format in hi-low-fi technicolor sound. This is the first taste of our new CD, landing on all life sustaining planets this summer.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Strange Lights Sighted, Bands Blamed

Fantastic show at Amnesia recently. We've wanted to play there for a while. It's a great red-lit gypsy bar on Valencia Street. One can stroll by on any given night to find strange and wonderful music, ranging from 20's style jazz to rocking Balkan tunes.  

Thanks to Eugene and the 1914 and The Free Moral Agents. Eugene had a glowing green bass drum and a their own dramatic lights clipped onto the mic. I was especially into the Free Moral Agents, who pulled off what sounded like Nigerian blues guitar-riffs that escalated into a super electro-indie sound. The whip cream on this sundae was  intense reverb-laden female vocals.  A very diverse set with a guitar style I absolutely loved.

We think we rocked as well, mainly due to audience members stating, "You rocked me". After the show, an English gentleman in the crowd told Parts For People,  "In England it's just different. Singers throw pints into the crowds, they have a lot more attitude that you don't see out here. It might be due to the fact that English crowds are a lot more judgmental as well." Anyway, he told us he appreciated our gusto manifested through sexy hip, shoulder, and head thrusts. It's not as vulgar as it sounds.
Good to see the various crews out and about, out-stepping their doubts and rerouting old routes. 


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the sunshine's owned by those who waste?

they dream of light 
but fail to taste
clean drops of wish-fulfilling rain

their haste has locked the compass
contrived a pace

your lover waits 
still lost in space

frowning memory  +  stolen past  = deadly serious future

calling me saying
wash your feet 
step forward meet
the tall brave grass of eternity